Question 1. Hookah Lounge Etiquette?

Here are some tips to make you a Hookah Lounge Guru…

- If you are taking guests with you, let them pick the flavors.
- Always pass the hose clockwise when with a group and point the hose towards yourself.
- Try to not blatantly blow your smoke in someone’s face, it’s rude no matter where you are!
- This brings us to another super important point, always use a hookah mouth tip! Do not share your mouth tip.
- When using a multi-hose hookah don’t compete for smoke, only one person should be taking a turn at a time and the rest of the group should be plugging their - mouth tip with their thumb.
- If you are sick, you shouldn’t be at the lounge!
- When you do find yourself at a hookah lounge, be polite to the staff, this is the golden rule of life, being rude gets you nowhere.

So get your friends together and come see us at La Belle Hookah lounge…